University of Connecticut 5th Annual Global Health Symposium

“Connecting People, Place, and Health”

 March 25-27th, 2022

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Join us on March 25, 2022

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This year’s theme is Connecting People, Place, and Health. Click here to learn more!

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  1. Global Affairs (twitter: @UConnGlobal; instagram: @uconn.global)
    1. Human Rights Institute (twitter: @hriuconn; instagram: @hri_uconn)
      1. Dodd Impact 
      2. Research Program in Global Health and Human Rights (twitter: @GHHR_UConn_hri)
  2. CLAS (twitter: @uconnCLAS; instagram: @uconnclas)
    1. Sociology Department (instagram: @uconn_sociology)
    2. Anthropology Department (twitter: @uconnanthro)
    3. Individualized and Interdisciplinary Studies Program

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